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About me

After graduating with a Master of Science in Marine Biology at the University of Rostock in Germany and at the University Centre in Svalbard in Norway, I moved to Australia for my PhD in 2017. I recently finished my PhD thesis on how zooplankton control the Biological Carbon Pump in the subantarctic Southern Ocean. I am currently finalising a position as research assistant at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Hobart, Australia, before moving to Wellington, New Zealand, to start a new postdoctoral position as a plankton ecologist with NIWA.

My main interests are:

  • Role of plankton physiology, distribution and population dynamics in carbon export
  • Impact of climate change on polar ecosystems
  • Ocean data collection and management


Send me an email: Svenja.Halfter@utas.edu.au.

Recent Posts

New publication alert!

My new publication on how zooplankton help establishing carbon export regimes in the Southern Ocean is finally out! Together with my amazing co-authors and m...